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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Injured kangaroo

Injured kangaroo
Injured kangaroo,
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This young buck was on a low bridge about 2km from The Ponderosa, on Graham Drive at Sandy Beach this morning. He had a broken leg and was covered in mud as he had come out of the swamp where perhaps he had been thrown by a car, maybe last night or at dawn -- he was flailing around all over the road.

I had the devil's own time trying to slow down the Saturday traffic around him while waiting an hour for a licensed shooter from WIRES, the state-wide wildlife rescue service, to put the poor fellow down as he was considered to be beyond saving.

When driving at day or night, but especially at twilight, please keep an eye out for roos in this area as they sometimes hop out from the scrub at quite high speeds. It's a danger to them, and to you.

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Anonymous N? said...

How very sad ... can't have been easy for you. I suppose it was merciful to put an end to his suffering.

He had a short life, poor fella.

10:49 PM  

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