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Monday, January 31, 2005

For the gonad-challenged male

JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank

This thing is for sale at Amazon. I've always wanted to sell something like this so I've even put it on my own Amazon account. You must buy one -- I get 5% commission which I will spend on promoting peace, I promise.

"The JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank is an open-ended custom-made, Star-Wars-oid personal tank that carries up to five people at 40mph over sand. It comes with a giant 400w stereo and a camera for recording the reactions of the people you drive past. Only 20 grand!"

I found it at techno\culture

Irish Blogmanac team member Nora thinks it would be great for Sandy Beach visitors who salivate at the thought of running over crabs. The ones in the Caravanserai of Corpulence about which I wrote on January 9 in Sandy Beach Almanac (Crabstock: I came upon a crab of God). If you're interested in SUV -- the 4WD -- and the environment, particularly the beach, scroll down and click the waving crab. :)


Blogger Me said...

Interesting toy.
I've noticed your posts load really slow, it may just be my connection though.

5:38 PM  
Blogger Pip said...

It does seem to have been slower than usual on the day you posted, Peter. Thanks.

10:53 PM  

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