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You've landed at Sandy Beach, NSW, Australia: Lat. -30.15331, Long. 153.19960, UT +10:00 – local map & zoom Google map. I live in a cabin on this beach, 25 kilometres north of the traffic and shops of Coffs Harbour, 600 km north of Sydney. My intention is to post observations of Nature and life within 1 km (1,000 paces) of my South Pacific home.


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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

See you on the waves: Almy radio

Readers living in this neck of the South Pacific might be interested to know that there are now two radio stations on which your almanackist is appearing regularly.

Here's the schedule:

Radio 2BBB-FM: Wilson's Almanac Book of Days
Fri Sat Sun 7.45AM
Mon-Thur 9.45AM

ABC Afternoon Show with Mike Corkill: 'Blogging Around'
Tues 2.45PM


Blogger Omni Particle said...

buddy, I post one already but not here. so here is another one ... TV comes next! yeah!!!!

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Sean Mcloughlin said...

I hope you are well!

3:48 AM  

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