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You've landed at Sandy Beach, NSW, Australia: Lat. -30.15331, Long. 153.19960, UT +10:00 – local map & zoom Google map. I live in a cabin on this beach, 25 kilometres north of the traffic and shops of Coffs Harbour, 600 km north of Sydney. My intention is to post observations of Nature and life within 1 km (1,000 paces) of my South Pacific home.


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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Log on sand in wind

Log on sand in wind
Log on sand in wind,
originally uploaded by wilsonsalmanac.

On November 16 I showed a vid of the dancing sands of Sandy Beach. Today, before an electrical storm hit at about 3pm, the sands were roaring from the opposite (north) end of the beach, taking all that sand back whence it came. It's a constant to-and-fro life for the sand here, and fun to watch.

You might like to view another Dancing Sands vid (almost 7 megs). It's only taken from my digital camera, as I don't own a movie camera, but I think it shows how beautiful the movement is. Please excuse the shakiness ... it was very windy on me.


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