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You've landed at Sandy Beach, NSW, Australia: Lat. -30.15331, Long. 153.19960, UT +10:00 – local map & zoom Google map. I live in a cabin on this beach, 25 kilometres north of the traffic and shops of Coffs Harbour, 600 km north of Sydney. My intention is to post observations of Nature and life within 1 km (1,000 paces) of my South Pacific home.


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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Looking for the right neighbours

----- Original Message ----- From: Jill The Legend To: pipwilson at acay.com.au Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2005 1:12 AM Subject: Question - Sandy Beach area

Hello Mr Wilson,

We have been admiring your extensive website on Sandy Beach and its surrounds, as well as the many other interesting facets of this site.

May we ask you a question about Sandy Beach as we are looking to purchase a house for sale, 11 [name deleted -- PW] Rd later this month at auction. Do you know the residents of this area/street at all? Our main concern is that there are 'yahoos' or native Australians, that may cause the re-sale value to be low.

I'm sorry we are asking you, its just that there are no other websites or local information bureaus that are able to help us. The Coffs real estate agent, is a little vague about the residents of the eastern side of the highway.

We are in Sweden at the moment but returnig in the near future.

Hope you can help as you seem to have the run down on everything in the area....if not, we shall continue to read your almanac regularly....its fantastic!


Jill & Steen


* Ø * Ø * Ø *

Dear Jill and Steen,

Thank you for your kind comments. Unfortunately, I don't know any of the residents of [name deleted -- PW] Rd personally, so I can't vouch that they are any better or any worse than you.

For information about native Australians in the area, perhaps you might ask the good people at Yarrawarra Aboriginal Corporation, Red Rock Rd, Corindi Beach, NSW, 2456. I'm sure they would find your enquiry amusing and deal with it appropriately. I will post your enquiry on my website so local residents can take note.

I do hope that you get the neighbours you deserve.


Pip Wilson

A Sandy Beach Almanac


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